Documentary in films

Documentaries represent a special kind of films. Documentaries are based on real events and on the lives of real people. The topics for the documentaries are some scientific facts, cultural events, research, traveling, life of a community and famous people.

Auditions in documentary films are held in order to be able to reconstruct certain events and facts. Industry Pros usually select for shooting actors with specific facial features and appearance in general, for example, if the film is dedicated to the life history of a particular individual. In this case the leading role is played by actors who resemble their historic character, their manners, age, etc.

In this website section, we collect Casting Calls in documentaries. You can look through them and read their detailed descriptions and requirements for candidates. If you've found an interesting Casting Call, you can contact the Industry Pro and find out the details.

In order to apply for a Casting Call you are to fill out a form and provide the following information about yourself: name, height, weight, hair color, clothing size, physique and contacts for feedback. Maybe some other information will be required.

Taking part in documentary shooting is a great possibility to show a certain event or the life of a famous person. Want to get a role in such a project? Apply for a Casting Call in a documentary!

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