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General Provisions website is a free service for casting calls and work with talent profiles. Participation in the service is voluntary and free. Some functions are provided on a paid basis. By using this service you agree to international policies on copyright on the texts, photos and other materials placed on this site. website is designed for use within the territory of the USA, does not bear any responsibility for the content posted on it by third parties.

This website is a moderated resource and it means that a specially appointed person may remove any materials added by users in case they don’t meet our requirements. Also, moderators can block access to the site for some individuals for any violations of this agreement.

It’s not obligatory to register on our website, but many functions are available only to registered users.

It is forbidden to post information and materials related to the porn industry or services that violate the law of the USA, as well as materials capable to cause any religious, political or racial precedents. Any public insults between the service users are prohibited.

Casting publication rules

All the casting calls are moderated. While this moderation your casting call may be blocked or deleted, depending on its severity of breaking our publishing rules. In case you casting call is blocked, you have a chance to edit it and it will be included on the list again.

The following casting calls will be blocked:

  • · ‘Meaningless’ castings with no project name given and no description provided.
  • · Castings without any typecast specification, containing the information kind of ‘everybody will be given a job’.
  • · Castings containing contact information in the text field.
  • · Castings containing plenty of spelling mistakes and/or misplaced punctuation.
  • · Castings without meaningless headers like ‘Attention! Casting!’, ‘New York, casting!’ etc.
  • · Castings placed in wrong sections, not corresponding to the information given.

Also the following casting calls will be deleted:

  • · Any materials publicizing websites and other resources, competing with ours, or published not in the ‘Advertisement’ column.
  • · Any materials published as castings, but not containing any correspondent information, any materials placed not in the ‘Advertisement’ column
  • · All the requests to fill out the forms on the third-party websites placed outside the ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Adding profiles to the database’ columns.
  • · Castings, requiring payments in case they are placed not in the ‘Advertisement’ or ‘Adding profiles to the database’ columns.
  • · Adding to the databases, like scout models database or any other offers in case another type instead of ‘Adding profiles to the database’ is selected.

The ads will be deleted regardless of its status in case the following rules will be violated:

  • · The ad or comment contains any abusive expressions and/or actions violating the rights of freedoms secured by the Bill of Rights or the Constitution of the USA.
  • · Placing casting calls, containing any sexual, racist or discriminatory content. We do not place any casting ads for projects connected with erotic or sexual actions.
  • · Placing any offers for working abroad.
  • · Placing the same casting ads within 24 hours.

Blog publication rules

  • · It is forbidden to place casting calls in the ‘Blogs’ section.
  • · It is also forbidden to place any other advertisement like 'Looking for a job', 'Wanna become a star', 'Vacuum cleaner for sale' etc.
  • · Blogs with meaningless headlines and/or meaningless content will be removed.
  • · As well as dozens of blogs of the same kind.
  • · Your blog will be blocked in case you ‘comment on your own notes’. Please, use the option of editing the content.

Rules for adding a company to your profile.

  • · Advertising in the services description is prohibited.
  • · We require the provision of reliable information.
  • · Moderators have a right to remove publications without explanation.

Terms of paid-based services

The website provides extra services on a paid basis. In particular, we provide paid user accounts and advertisements. Website works with several partners who provide payment services. We do not bear any responsibility for the malfunction of these services. website does not store any payment of user data in its database. If you are not entirely satisfied with our paid service, you can ask for refund within 30 days. 

Terms of subscription

Just registered on the website the user is automatically signed on our automatically generated mailing letter, as well as on notifications related to his or her profile. The user can unsubscribe from this letter or by setting the profile.

Private messages and comments

Users can send each other messages and leave comments on blogs, casting calls and other users’ profiles.

At the website it is prohibited to send spam using private messages or comments. Moderators may delete all the messages and user comments as well as block the user engaged in systematic spamming.

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