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Every day we work on developing and upgrading our website to make it better and more useful for our users. That's why we take care of every advertisement published and every comment added. Please, make your contribution to our website development, follow the rules of placing ads and creating accounts.

Any Casting Call can get into the Newsletter we send to our subscribers daily, that can bring great success to your project. However, we do that free of charge, because subscribers need these newsletters, as well as you do, to quickly get new information. This service is aimed at informing people about most interesting Casting Calls & Auditions taking place in the near future. Nevertheless, if the Casting Call fails to comply with the rules of ACMODASI Website there is no chance in will be on the Newsletter list.

All Casting Calls placed on ACMODASI are moderated. During this moderation your Casting Call may be blocked or deleted, depending on the severity of breaking our publishing rules. In case you casting is blocked you have a chance to edit it, and it can be listed in the Casting Calls & Audition database again.

Conditions under which the casting can get into the mailing list:
  • The casting is fully decorated in accordance with the rules of publication.
  • The information in the casting is full and reliable.
  • Casting is potentially interesting for more than 3% of our users. (but not extras, with the exception of movie-Extras or under condition of good payment, not the participants of TV shows and not spectators
  • Casting does not fall into the category 18 +, the same rule applies to paid castings.
  • The casting director has a positive reputation.
  • Another casting in the same project, has not been in the mailing list for the last three days.
  • Casting is not a promotional ad.

It is not necessary to be frightened or offended, if your casting suddenly got under sanction of the moderator. This can happen to anyone by negligence or in a hurry. After receiving the message about blocking, notice the moderator's comment, he explains what to fix. You, too, can communicate with the moderator as it will be better to solve the arisen problem. We always answer all the messages and questions and try to find the best compromise not going in the cut with our simple rules.

1. The following castings will be blocked:

When blocking, the casting is simply sent to you for editing and after fixing the errors, the moderator sends an automatic editing message, and the casting is published again in the Ribbon. However, if the moderator detects that the errors have not been corrected, he or she can resubmit the casting for revision.

1.1 Casting "to nowhere". There are castings without specifying the name of the project and its description.
1.2. Casting "Who is horrible". Without the Tipagas and "Come all, find a lesson for you."
1.3. Castings with contacts in the description area.
1.4. Castings containing many spelling errors and inappropriate punctuation marks. (for example, three or more exclamation marks after each sentence!!! Writing all the words in big letters, etc.)
1.5. Having little informative headlines. For example: "Urgent! Casting! ", or" Moscow, casting ".
1.6 Casting with a choice of headings not corresponding to the direct subject of the project in which casting is carried out.
1.7. Кастинги на условиях ТФП в очевидно коммерческие проекты.
1.8. The same castings are published in less than a day period.
1.9. A lot of castings in one project on different types, all kinds should be specified in one casting.

2. will be deleted or sent for payment:

In most cases it concerns commercial activity. If the casting has a commercial basis, that is, the employer's purpose is to receive money for any services or participation of our users, such castng can be placed only on advertising rights, and, accordingly, should be paid. Casting is temporarily blocked and you are sent a link to pay, after payment, the casting will be again visible and the date of its publication updated on the date of payment (after payment casting rises to the top of the tape).

2.1. Any materials that promote websites and other resources of our competitors and published not as an "Advertisement".
2.2. Any materials that pretend to be Casting Calls, but containing no information to this point, any promotional materials published not as an "Advertisement".
2.3. Any requests to fill out the registration forms on third-party websites, placed not as an "Advertisement" or "Scouting agency advertisement".
2.4. Casting Сalls with paid participation if it is not specified in the description and pushlished not as an "Advertisement" or "Scouting agency advertisement".
2.5. Scouting agencies advertisements, like model scouting or any other offers in case it is published not as a "Scouting agency advertisement".

3. If the following violations of the ads are removed regardless of the payment, this may also result in blocking access to the site:

These are serious violations. Often, we immediately block access to the site to users who post such information. In this case, the offender's data is not deleted, but entered into a special database.

3.1. Insulting and/or violating human rights and freedoms, the laws of the country in which the casting takes place.
3.2. Castings "for adults". Under the ban fall: escort services, work on webcam, dating, brides, filming in pornography, candid erotica, etc. At the discretion of the moderator
3.3. Any offers of work abroad without providing exhaustive information on employer, purposes and conditions of work.
3.5 Paid productions in the base. Paid participation in castings. Sales roles. Speculation of official position.
3.6. Castings or announcements for competitor sites.
3.7. Announcements are not related to professional activities corresponding to the purposes of our site.
3.8. Объявления подразумевающие обнажение.

Please, note that: Casting Call implies selecting the typecasts for the project. It doesn't imply anything else.

Please, keep in mind that in case there are many complaints, your account may be blocked.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support!

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