Aleksey Titarenko

profile ID: 122
Name: Aleksey Titarenko
Age: 37 years
Sex: Male
Actor: Higher education with major in the field of work Professional
Model: No education, experience only Beginner
Dancer: Higher education related to the field of work Beginner
Singing: School or training Beginner
Country: Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Near with: Kyiv

Working conditions:
Term of contract:
Came to audition: Withing the country also
Ready to move to: Any country
Foreign passport: yes
Bodytype: Slim
Height: 181
Weight: 74
Bust: 92
Обхват талии: 78
Thigh: 94
Shoe size: 44
Clothing size: 48
Ethnicity: Middle-eastern
Eye color: Brown
Hair length: Short haircut
Hair color: Blonde

Specific information
Tattoos: No
Piercing: No
About Me
Analytical mind, perseverance, learning, responsibility, diligence, initiative, interpersonal skills.
Foreign language - English (good).
Have a driving license of category "A", "B", "C», «D», «E». Driving experience - 10 years.,
Horseback riding, swimming, music education as a "clarinet".
Doing events, script writing, stage combat, theater lighting, sound.
2000. - 2005 . National University of Water Management and Use of Natural Resources , Department of Applied Mathematics . Obtained a university degree . Awarded qualification - Master of Applied Mathematics .

2005 . - 2010. Rivne State Humanitarian University, Faculty of Arts and Education . Obtained a university degree , with honors. Was qualified as a specialist in the specialty drama theater director , teacher,actor.

May 2012. School street theater «iShut», Krivoy Rog. Received a certificate of completion , and selected the top five high school graduates , who represented Ukraine and carried a report on the training results in Moldova and Slovenia.
Work experience
Working in the theater :
2007 . - Present time . Odessa cultural center, theater actor

2004. - Present time . Theater "Sonyah" Rivne,actor and director.
Since 2010, the director of the theater .

2012. - Present time. Theatre Studio " Sonyashnyk " , founder and director studio, a teacher of acting.

Movie roles :
TV series "The Return of Mukhtar - 2"
promo post- show " The Passion According to Auditor " New Channel

Roles in the theater :
Schiller , " Intrigue and Love ", the role Wurm ;
K. Korff , " Black Sun ", the role of the Jura
Yu Chepovetsky "Good Horton" , the role of Horton the elephant
K. Sergienko " Goodbye , Ravine ", the role of Lame ;
M. Metterlink "Blue Bird" , the role of the pope, his grandfather ;
I. Miheicheva "Guest" , Vadim role ;
John Patrick "Dear Pamela", Sola Bozo role
Enneken M. , M. Mayo , "My wife 's a liar ," the role of Jimmy
V. Saroyan , "Hey , somebody! "
D. Melnychuk "The Adventures of King Solomon "

Prizes and awards:
February 2008 II International Theatre Festival " Misteriya " Moscow, Russia , was awarded in the category " Best incarnation as " in play " Breed " K. Korff .
February 2010 IV International Festival " Misteriya ", Moscow, Russia , was awarded in the category " Best Actor" in the play "Guest" I. Miheicheva .
Skiing, active leisure.


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