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Aleksandr Kolotiy
March 13 2014 15:02

acmodasi great web site!
For both experienced and novice actors generally people which want to link their lives with Art!

Ivan Ipatov
February 14 2014 16:29

Thanks to the developers! Very good and comfortable web-site.

February 10 2014 04:23

Super idea! good luck to everyone

Irene Zhukova
February 07 2014 10:28

Thank you very much for your site! Very convenient!

Andrey Gun
February 06 2014 14:51

This is a great opportunity to get positive and quick business contacts all over the World . Thank you ACMODASI for !

Polina Olkhova
February 06 2014 05:30

Great site! I am very grateful, it can change the life of every common man and discover his talent and scope for creativity! He helped me to be more professional in their field. And to you I have only one word - THANKS!

Olga Spirina
February 06 2014 03:53

It was really good idea to create site in english and expand international market of entertaiment industry!
I must thank all the people who work with this project. You help every talanted person to succese!

Ksenia Aleksandrova
February 06 2014 02:57

I am very glad, that Acmodasi has now a version in English! It gives fine opportunities for people from our branch to get a job and to create new contacts on the international level! I hope that over time, this platform becomes not less considerable, than IMDb! Good Luck!

Maxim Kuzmenko
February 05 2014 17:54

Very good and comfortable web-site. Thank you to the developers!

Andrey Istokov
February 05 2014 15:01

I wish this site the international success!

Mikhail Mukhin
February 05 2014 11:38

Thank you of this site! I registered in the Russian version, and get lot of work from website. Hope, that using this version I will come out on international level!!

Alexandr Ivanovich
February 05 2014 09:48

I think this sate is very cool. It helped me find a lot of castings. Thank you for that site.

Konstantin Yurchenko
February 05 2014 09:22

thanks for a great site! good luck!

Lev Chernukhin
February 05 2014 06:42

Very intresting site

Anna Danilevskaya
February 05 2014 05:22

Very good, I'm so glad to find this site. I found many interesting castings here.

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