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To add a video insert a link to the page containin the video. For example You can add only the video from YouTube.
To add an image use an appropriate button in the editor.

Blog publication rules

We created blog section to give our users a possibility to get amused or to share their thoughts or any interesting information with the other people here while waiting for a Casting Call. That's why all the publications, concerning your field of activity, advertising etc. are forbidden.

Recommendations for the blog content:

Please, create blogs that could be interesting for a potential reader. Think of some relevant topics, that could arouse a lively discussion. Everybody needs motivation, so the more interesting things you'll write about, the more comments and opinions on them you'll receive.
Please, avoid using too many exclamation signs or other symbols, that make a text difficult for reading

In the event of a conflict or breaking some of the rules mentioned below, our moderators may change, suspend or discontinue your blogging at any time and without prior notice:

  • In case you place Casting Call
  • Or any other advertisement like 'Looking for a job', 'Wanna become a star', 'Vacuum cleaner for sale' etc.
  • In case you create a blog with meaningless headlines and/or meaningless content.
  • Or in case you create dozens of blogs of the same kind.
  • In case you "comment on your own notes". Please, use the option of editing the "Content".

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